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Request: A bedtime mix.

Tonight I sleep to dream
Of a place that's calling me
It is always just a dream
Still I cannot forget what I have seen

-Au Revoir Simone, "A Violent Yet Flammable World"

1. Au Revoir Simone- A Violent Yet Flammable World
2. The Postal Service- Sleeping In
3. Sia- I Go To Sleep
4. Feist- My Moon My Man
5. Lykke Li- Dance Dance Dance
6. Modest Mouse- Little Motel
7. Minipop- Like I Do
8. Radiohead- Nude
9. Bat For Lashes- Moon and Moon
10. Brand New- Coca Cola
11. The Decemberists- Of Angels and Angles
12. The Beatles- Across the Universe
13. Goldfrapp- Monster Love
14. Eisley- Lost At Sea (Live)
15. Vangelis- La Petite Fille Der Mer

Request: A workout mix.

Dial up my number
Weaving it through the wire
Switch me on
Turn me up
Don't want it Baudelaire
Just glitter lust

-Goldfrapp, "Ooh La La"

1. Goldfrapp- Ooh La La
2. Roisin Murphy- Movie Star
3. Britney Spears- Break The Ice
4. Head Automatica- Beating Heart Baby
5. Lady Gaga- Disco Heaven
6. Little Boots- Stuck on Repeat
7. Moby feat. Debbie Harry- New York, New York
8. The Noisettes- Sister Rosetta (Capture the Spirit)
9. Das Pop- Fool for Love (SebastiAn remix)
10. Katy Perry- Hot N' Cold (Yelle remix)
11. Justice- D.A.N.C.E.
12. N.A.S.A.- Gifted (feat. Kanye West, Lykke Li, & Santogold)
13. Girls Aloud- Something Kind of Ooooh
14. Robyn- With Every Heartbeat
15. Kylie Minogue- Burning Up
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